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Knock Down Rebuild


Love where you live? Then why move, Arcadia Homes QLD can take care of the complete knock down rebuild process.

If you love your current location but feel like your current home no longer meets yours or your families needs, then demolishing your old home and building a new one in its place is worth considering. While most new construction on the Sunshine Coast is happening in new land estates, these locations are not always appealing to those who wish to live closer to the beach or perhaps you need just that little extra bit of room to move around.



It is for this reason that more and more Sunshine Coast families are opting to either demolish their current home or purchase an older home in the area they want to live in, with the intention of knocking it down and building their new dream home in its place. While knocking down an existing property sounds expensive and complex, you will be pleased to learn that building a brand new home is comparable, and often less expensive, than attempting a complicated renovation project and best of all you will get exactly what you are after.

There are also additional financial benefits to consider when weighing up the pros and cons of a knock down rebuild. Unlike buying and selling an existing property there are very few transaction costs or fees associated with the demolish and build process and the added benefit of no stamp duty. You should also consider everything that a brand new Arcadia home offers, such as energy efficient design for lower power bills and of course the latest in technology as we move towards the era of the ‘smart home’.

So if you would like to learn more about how you can knock down your existing home and build your new dream Arcadia home in its place, simply contact us.

Whether you are deciding to stay at your current location or are looking to purchase an existing property there are a number of things you may wish to consider.

Here are a few things you might consider;

  • Block size, orientation and site conditions,
  • Planning regulations, such as bushfire and flooding conditions,
  • Neighbouring properties for overlooking and accessibility issues,
  • Council controls, such as covenants, easements and design overlays

It is a good idea to have already conducted some preliminary home construction cost research so that you have a realistic budget in mind for the full project.Choosing the right builder for your knockdown rebuild project is more than just choosing a design you favour. Many builders won’t allow modifications to their standard plans, which is often required to suit knock down rebuild projects. As knockdown rebuild specialist  we already have a number of pre-designed house plans that may fit what you are looking for. Check out our home designs here.

In addition, these designs may already consider the conditions of your block and relevant planning regulations and council requirements. If any of our house designs are not going to meet your needs. Arcadia Homes QLD offers a complete custom design option at no additional cost. This is a critical step in this process, setting the foundations for a successful Knock down rebuild project.

Site Inspection – You will make the first deposit and provide Arcadia Homes QLD with a copy of your Land Title or proof of land ownership and the land contract. The first deposit is used to secure the base price, site start allocation and any promotional offers that may be available.

Arcadia Homes QLD will then conduct a thorough property assessment and site inspection to evaluate the suitability of your block for a knockdown rebuild project. The assessment will look at the block depth, frontage, slope, orientation, easements and setbacks, and drainage and power supply, etc. If the block is deemed unfavourable, a full deposit refund may be provided.

Arcadia Homes QLD will proceed with doing soil report, site survey and other council requirements. Meanwhile, you will be referred to the design consultants to make your colour selections.

Arcadia Homes QLD will present you with your preliminary quote, which covers site related costs, preliminary site plan, selected variations, facade and colour selections. No further structural changes are allowed once you sign your tender (without incurring variation costs).Arcadia Homes QLD will prepare a new home contract for you to review, which includes your tender, contract drawings, colour selection, preliminary soil test and survey. You will need to pass this on to your lender to prepare for your progress payments. Once you have signed the New Home contract, Arcadia Homes QLD will submit your building application to the local council for building approval

Arcadia Homes QLD can either take care of the demolition of your new home or you are also to source this yourself. The demolition of your old home takes place whilst your new home plans are in at council.

Services that will need to be disconnected

  • Water – removal of mains waters, storm water and sewer drain lines,
  • Gas – removal of all gas lines and meter,
  • Telephone – removal of cabling,
  • Pay TV – removal of cabling,
  • Electricity – removal of all incoming supply lines & temporary power set up

Upon completion, Arcadia Homes QLD will order the second soil test, site survey, re-establishment survey and final slab design. Additional findings may be found after demolition, so Arcadia Homes QLD will finalise your construction plan and make necessary adjustments to your site costs.[

Once all conditions that your local council require have been adhered to, building approval documents will be administered. Construction of your new home will start within 5 business days of this approval.

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